Welcome to Guide to Being a New Mommy!

Hello, my name is Streak and I’ve been a freelance writer for some time now. I’ve always been all about writing for shared revenue websites. So, you may see some of my articles come up on shared revenue websites. However, I’ve recently been told it was more beneficial to upload your articles to a wordpress blog and manage them yourself. So, here I go!

It is nothing more than personal inspiration that has led me to wanting to write articles regarding being a new mother. Why? I’m expecting my first child on November 11th, 2012. My husband and I are very excited to bring our first baby into this world.

Now, given that this is my first child – I’m very nervous and eager to know everything and anything about being a parent. For that reason, I’ve been spending a great deal of time doing research regarding everything that has to do with being a new mother. I decided that if I could benefit from this research – that there were probably other individuals who would benefit from this research as well. Thus, you have my guide to being a new mommy. I will try to publish an article every day to the guide. But, being a new mother… There may be some days were I am too busy to publish an article. Thank you for reading!

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